E-reward job evaluation toolkit

This e-reward toolkit is about how organisations use job evaluation to determine and manage equitable grade structures and therefore provide the basis for deciding on pay levels taking into account external (market) relativities.

The purpose of the toolkit is to provide practical guidance to an organisation which wants to introduce a job evaluation scheme or substantially amend an existing one, taking into account equal pay considerations.

Use this toolkit to understand

  • what is job evaluation

  • why organisations use job evaluation

  • the evidence regarding the prevalence of job evaluation in the UK

  • its key characteristics and components

  • what are the pros and cons

  • key ingredients for success

  • the development path for designing, introducing and maintaining job evaluation.

What the toolkit contains

  • A general introduction in which job evaluation is defined and its aims and features described (section 1).

  • A description of the initial stages involved in developing a job evaluation scheme (section 2), as a prelude to describing the detailed design of a point-factor scheme (section 3) and a job classification scheme (section 4).

  • A brief examination of the management procedures you will need to develop (section 5).

  • A listing of sources of further information (section 6).

A summary of the the key findings was published in issue three of The Reward Quarter - download it from the 'Quarterly magazine' section of e-reward.co.uk.

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