Making recognition really work at Comet

In this case study, written and researched by e-reward, we examine why recognition is seen as such an integral part of reward and employee engagement for one of the UK’s leading electrical retailers, Comet. At the heart of that relationship is the role of line managers. So the company attempts to put recognition firmly in their hands using a “recognition toolkit”. Involving line managers is the key to making recognition succeed at Comet.

The focus in this report is on four of the vast array of recognition schemes currently operated by Comet:

  • two centrally-driven schemes, Comet Stars awards and the Millionaires Club

  • two locally-led schemes, by managers and employees (or colleagues, as Comet prefers to call them), Thank you cards and the recognition toolkit.

Besides outlining the schemes Comet has put in place, this e-reward report also examines:

  • what Comet means by recognition

  • the key elements of the philosophy underpinning its approach to recognition

  • the real importance of line managers in the recognition process and why Comet takes recognition so seriously in today’s tough economic climate

  • some easy-to-digest lessons on how to make recognition work for you.