A guide to strategic reward: part 2

We examine via a series of in-depth case histories and a brief questionnaire the approaches adopted by leading organisations to the integration of reward strategies with business and HR strategies. Reward strategies come in all shapes and sizes. In our case studies, we learn first hand from the experience of three leading organisations:

  • Case study 1: AEGON UK

  • Case study 2: British Airways

  • Case study 3: B&Q

Each of the organisation's reward strategies is different just as the organisations are different. Of course, similar aspects of reward will be covered in the strategies of different organisations but they will be treated differently in accordance with variations between organisations in their contexts, strategies and cultures. These case studies offer a unique insight into how organisations are putting reward strategies into practice to respond to the sort of demanding business challenges facing many employers.

In addition to these case studies, our document section includes reward strategy statements from the Audit Commission and Cummins Engine Company and we begin the study with a look at the findings of our mini-survey of 16 organisations.

For more details see our review, published in the 'News' section of e-reward.co.uk, 10 October 2003.