Past delegates and subscribers are our best ambassadors. Here are some extracts of feedback from happy people who have attended E-reward events and purchased our subscription research.

Education Testimonials

GRP: 'The October 2016 course was brilliant, as usual!'


GRP: 'I’ve just moved roles and am now working as a Reward Manager (Compensation) at [financial services company]. I think the professional credibility that the GRP designation offers was a factor in helping me to land the role.'


GRP: 'We very much enjoyed the course: great teacher, great venue, well-organised. Looking forward to join another course when I can.'


Excel Intermediate Nov 2015: 'The course that I attended was really great – it solidified some of my existing Excel skills whilst also providing me with lots of new ones.'


Excel Intermediate Nov 2015: 'Really great course. Dianne knew her subject very well and adapted where needed to meet development needs of the delegates.'


Excel Intermediate Nov 2015: 'Dianne was engaging and patient.'


Excel Advanced Nov 2015: 'The course and Dianne were great!'


Excel Advanced Nov 2015: 'Very happy!'


Excel Advanced Nov 2015: 'Fantastic course!'


Excel April 2015: 'Absolutely fabulous course. I learned so much. Dianne was so knowledgeable and shared so well. I've saved days and days now!'

Excel April 2015: 'Very informative course, explaining the possibilities of excel. My life will be so much easier now I understand the capability of excel in terms of compensation and reward.'

Excel April 2015: 'Excellent instructor, very clear, good pace, always ensuring everyone is up to speed and keeping up with the rest of the class.'

Excel April 2015: 'Good central location. Course content was well put together, very relevant to work and was made interesting by Dianne. I would highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to save time and understand excel functions.'

Excel April 2015: 'The instructor was very friendly and informative, no improvements needed!' . . . 'Fantastic course. Dianne was great and extremely knowledgeable.'

Excel April 2015: 'The stuff you need to know as a comp professional. Very helpful and presented in an easily accessible manner' . . . 'Great course, full of tips and techniques.'

Excel April 2015: 'Valuable course, fantastic knowledge of the trainer. Very helpful, small group, learnt lots of quick short cuts and extremely valuable time-saving techniques.'

Excel April 2015: 'Great food, spacious rooms, not too many in a class, friendly smart staff, great facilities.'

GRP: 'I would like to say A BIG THANK YOU for all the support and appreciation during my journey over the last 10 months.'

GRP: 'It was a great experience attending all the courses and gaining a lot of knowledge within reward which I'm sure will help in moving my career forward. I must say you guys are doing an amazing job and I wish you all the best.'

GRP: 'The course went very well. The tutor was very nice and the group a really good mix of people. I’d definitely like to join another one. Also the organisation was very smooth. So thank you very much for all your help.'

GRP: 'I thought the tutor was excellent. A positive experience all round!'

GRP: 'We had plenty of opportunities for discussions and to ask questions. The instructor was very knowledgeable and she delivered the course in a very captivating way.'

GRP: 'The tutor was knowledgeable and ran the course at a good pace, giving chance for discussion and bringing in experiences of others in the room.'

Event Testimonials

Annual conference 2017: 'It was a great event last year and I’m really looking forward to it this year.'


Annual conference 2015: 'We made some great networking connections at the E-reward conference and have already followed up on a few to get a stronger connection and see if we can leverage those organisations on the work that we are doing.'


Annual conference 2015: ‘Thank you again for putting on such a great conference last week.’


Annual conference 2015: ‘I have a short break at Heathrow before the flight back to the USA, but wanted to pass on thanks to you and the team for a great conference.’


Annual conference 2015: ‘Both my colleague and I agreed that it was definitely worth the investment to fly over – a great selection of presenters, wonderful networking and thought provoking dialogue.’


Annual conference 2015: ‘Really enjoyed the event – thanks for organising’ . . . ‘Great event, well done.’


Annual conference 2015: ‘Many thanks to you and the team for delivering a really worthwhile conference. It certainly has provided food for thought.’


Annual conference 2015: ‘Thanks for last two days – a really great/ inspirational conference.’


Annual conference 2015: ‘I found the presentations really useful and would like to pass on my thanks to you and your team.’


Annual conference 2015: ‘A great overall event. A good cross section of topics and speakers.’


Annual conference 2015: ‘An excellent range of topical topics and good/expert presenters. Very good value for the price!’


Annual conference 2015: ‘A very relevant day’ . . . ‘An excellent conference’ . . . ‘A really good, interesting day.’


Annual conference 2015: ‘The topics of the event were very, very interesting. Overall a truly valuable event.’


Annual conference 2015: ‘A really good topical day with lots of variety’ . . . ‘Really enjoyed the event.’


Annual conference 2015: 'Thank you very much for the organisation of this event. The presentations were very interesting and inspiring and also the opportunity to get to know so many colleagues from the reward area was great.'


Compensation Software Showcase 2014: ‘Thank you very much for the opportunity to join the event – to see some of the products on offer in the market for prospective buyers.’

Compensation Software Showcase 2014: ‘We would like to start the process of gathering information, requirements, as soon as possible!’

Compensation Software Showcase 2014: ‘Great insights provided in relation to the overall selection of a provider, including the views of the providers themselves.’

Compensation Software Showcase 2014: ‘Little you could improve upon – quite an intensive day with a full agenda!’

Compensation Software Showcase 2014: ‘An excellent day which was well worth the trip from my perspective.’

Compensation Software Showcase 2014: ‘I enjoyed the content and breadth of the day. I also enjoyed hearing from the vendors and getting "real-life" examples.’

Compensation Software Showcase 2014: ‘I enjoyed the interaction with vendors and other attendees.’

Compensation Software Showcase 2014: ‘Enjoyed the opportunity to meet the vendors and gain up-to-date insights from them.’

Annual conference 2014: ‘Great sessions – preferred the bits focusing on new ideas and future trends.’ . . . ‘Excellent conference – real value for money.'

Annual conference 2014: ‘Good quality of speakers. Excellent day' . . . ‘Excellent networking. Good content. Thank you so much for a great event’ . . . ‘Very informative and thought provoking.’

Annual conference 2014: ‘Very good conference, good opportunity to network and see what’s going on in reward in other organisations’ . . . ‘Fantastic and informative day – thank you. Useful networking opportunity as well.’

Compensation Software Showcase 2014: ‘There was a lot that I could take away and share with my HR Team. In addition, I appreciated having a bit of one-to-one time with the vendors. It gave my company a better perspective on the possibilities.'

Research Testimonials

Reward Blueprints: 'The quality of the research reports is exceptional. I must congratulate you on the work that you do.'

Reward Blueprints: 'We are very grateful that you are putting in so much effort to grow the reward profession by creating a repository of information. These reports are going to open up a whole new world of knowledge to a lot of our team.'

Reward Blueprints: 'The research reports have been an excellent read, and well researched. They have provided inspiration for a number of ideas we have introduced.'

Reward Blueprints: 'Very well written and researched and have generated a lot of interest and discussion in our organisation.'

Reward Blueprints: 'We find the reports excellent and look forward to being the subject, one of these days!

Reward Blueprints: 'This is simply a brilliant research report on market data. Extraordinary! Congratulations with another brilliant report.'

Reward Blueprints: 'This report on market data is something that I wished I could have had on my desk to read when I started my career in remuneration a number of years ago.'

Reward Blueprints: 'I must say that I find the reports extremely useful. The benefit/reward statements studies were invaluable, as I had to produce them for employees for the first time this year.'

Reward Blueprints: 'Just like to reiterate what a great service this is and look forward to another 12 months of highly useful research reports.'

Reward Blueprints: 'This subscription service is marvellous. I have started to read the articles and they are beyond my expectations.'

Reward Blueprints: 'The Job Evaluation Toolkit looks good. I really think that E-Reward is producing material for the practicing Reward Manager which is of true practical value. Keep up the good work!'

Reward Blueprints: 'They all are very interesting and informative.'

Reward Blueprints: 'I have found e-reward to be an extremely useful and informative site. The research documentation has also been of the highest quality.'

Reward Blueprints: 'Much of the inspiration for the total reward statements in the organisation , which were nominated for an award this year, came from the invaluable material in some of the your reports.'

Reward Blueprints: 'This is a great report and will be very useful to us. It's always useful to see direct comparisons that are current.' (Comment on Evidence-based reward management: Case studies, issue 72)

Reward Blueprints: 'Many thanks for this report on pay in financial services (issue 92). I've had a quick read this morning and it's a very useful and comprehensive report.'

Executive Pay Testimonials

Bespoke data: 'I appreciate the hard work that has gone into this. I would most certainly encourage others to buy this from you. Very grateful you got it to me so quickly.'


Gender diversity – UK boards: 'E-reward has done some excellent research on the penetration of women to senior board roles.'


Gender diversity – UK boards: 'Interesting and helpful data shared by Steve and his team at E-reward on gender at the executive level.'


Paul Hodgson

Report 5, Dec 2015: 'Everyone knows that US CEOs are paid more than anyone else, but exactly how much more is a question rarely answered. In this groundbreaking report we get the real picture of the differentials between countries.'


Paul Hodgson

Report 5, Dec 2015: 'I’ve never seen such convincing analysis in my 25 years writing about pay.'


General Testimonials

Web site: 'E-reward website is top of the reading/research list! Thank you – may the excellent resource continue.'


Web site: 'Well done on the stream of quality stuff coming out at the moment – it is very impressive.'


Web site: 'Great content. Highly valued and appreciated. Great job!'


Revamp: 'I've just had a brief look at the new website. I have to say it looks fantastic! Congratulations to all concerned on the obvious hard work put in.'