The E-reward job evaluation survey 2007

The purpose of this survey is to establish in general the state of play on job evaluation in the UK today. Conducted in late 2006 and early 2007, the survey produced up-to-date and revealing information from senior reward and HR practitioners in 117 organisations – in both private and public sectors – on what is happening to job evaluation in the UK.

The e-reward 2007 survey, which is the largest research project in recent years in this field, examines all the main aspects of job evaluation to find out more about its relevance in today's organisations. It will provide you with invaluable decision-making information concerning:

  • the reasons for introducing job evaluation

  • the alternatives to job evaluation

  • how organisations introduce and operate job evaluation

  • the use of computer-assisted job evaluation

  • the factors included in analytical schemes and how they are weighted

  • how effective employers find job evaluation

  • what kinds of problems employers are experiencing and how these are being overcome

  • why job evaluation has had to change to meet changing business needs.

Download a 10-page summary of the survey results in PDF format by clicking here

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