Recognising Champions at Siemens

A peer-to-peer recognition programme called Champions at global company Siemens has paid out the equivalent of £3.8 million in awards to employees since its launch in May 2009. It’s designed to align with company values, driving employee behaviours that support responsibility, innovation, excellence and a commitment to zero harm. The range of awards, from a simple 'Thank you' up to a nationally-significant gold award, means it is possible to mesh company values and awarding criteria in a way that recognises all contributions, from very visible inventions through to less visible customer service improvements.


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  • Organisation profile
  • Who E-reward interviewed
  • Aligned recognition
  • Champions design
  • Champions recognition programme structure
  • Recognition not reward
  • Key figures
  • Evaluating the impact
  • Communicating the programme
  • Unique characteristics
  • Lessons learnt
  • Document extract: Reflecting Siemens values
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