What is happening in performance management: part 2 - Toolkit

The purpose of this e-reward performance management toolkit is to provide practical advice and guidance to anyone in an organisation which wants to review existing performance management systems and processes or develop new ones.

Line managers can also use our toolkit as a guide to their performance management practices, and it can provide the basis for developing understanding and skills through e-learning, coaching, mentoring and formal training.

Use this toolkit to understand

  • what is performance management

  • why organisations introduce performance management

  • the evidence regarding the prevalence of performance management in the UK

  • its key characteristics and components

  • what are the pros and cons

  • key ingredients for success

  • strategies available for introducing performance management.

What the toolkit contains

  • A general introduction in which performance management is defined and its aims and features described.

  • Methods of analysing present arrangements and requirements - the Analytical toolkit (section 2) - as a prelude to describing the Design, Development, Implementation and Maintenance toolkits (sections 3, 4, 5 and 6).

  • A listing of sources of further information (section 8).

  • A collection of sample documents (appendices A to E).

Download a nine-page summary of the toolkit in PDF format by clicking here

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