What is happening in job evaluation: Survey findings 2003

What emerges from our 2003 survey is that job evaluation is very much flourishing in spite of the case made against it by some commentators. This ambitious project produced up-to-date and revealing information from senior HR and reward practitioners in 236 organisations - in both private and public sectors - employing 1.3 million people on what is happening to job evaluation in the UK.

New 2007 survey!

The practice of job evaluation in the UK continues to evolve and since our 2003 survey there have been a number of developments, for example the use of analytical matching and the trend towards employing job evaluation as a support process rather than as a driving force.

The purpose of our 2007 survey (published in research report no. 51) is to identify how these and other developments have taken place and what in general the state of play on job evaluation is today in the UK.

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