What is happening in company cars: Part 2 - Policy guidelines

The second part of our research into company cars is designed to provide guidance in the form of a checklist of issues to consider when designing a car policy. This was considered preferable to a “model” policy because the diversity of current car strategy would make it extremely difficult to produce one “single” model policy.

This report is divided into five sets of Checklists examining:

  • vehicle acquisition and fleet management

  • driver eligibility

  • scheme flexibility and cash allowances

  • insurance and fuel

  • health and safety.

These guidelines look at all the relevant issues and aim to flag up the factors worth considering, policy alternatives and pros and cons of various choices when designing a car policy.

Our Resources section includes listings of:

  • useful web links

  • well-known fleet leasing organisations

  • consultancies advising on car policy

  • surveys including information on company cars.

A series of Appendices set out details of:

  • tax on the company car benefit

  • VAT on fuel

  • HM Revenue and Customs’ fuel and mileage.

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