Benchmark your reward team’s pay against the market

We've worked with The Pay Index to develop a new pay comparison tool for reward practitioner roles. Accurately assess salary packages for seven in-house reward roles through a variety of interactive reports. FREE of charge.

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IBM co-creates new approach to performance management

IBM has reinvented its approach to performance management. Its traditional model of annual, top-down goals and a single numeric rating at year-end no longer matched the dynamic and agile way the company now operates.

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E-reward Research

Imagine being able to suggest professional and reliable ideas and solutions appropriate to all the reward management issues that regularly crop up. Ideas and comment that really impress with their relevance and content. This is where E-reward research service – 'Reward Blueprints' – can help.

An annual subscription [£] gives you a collection of well-researched, in-depth case studies, surveys and toolkits you can't get elsewhere.

  • Frequency: monthly, 10 issues a year.
  • Subscriptions: annual subscription – £295 + VAT (singe-user); £495 + VAT (unlimited-user*).
  • Format: next 10 issues emailed to you as PDF files plus free to access digital archive dating back to 2002.

* Unlimited-user subscriptions are based on users working in the same organisation, regardless of location. Unlimited access allows you to place the PDF files on your organisation's intranet.

'Reward Blueprints', E-reward's monthly research service – your complete, independent guide to reward.

Excellent research you can't get elsewhere comes with a price. But it's a price worth paying – it's a reliable, independent and impartial source of high-quality research written by the experts at E-reward.

In-depth, state-of-play surveys, examining key aspects of the UK reward management agenda

Performance management: Part 2... UK Reward Census Evaluating reward effectivenes...

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Practical 'how to' toolkits, taking you through the steps that you should follow to plan and implement change

What is happening in company c... Update on the Regulation of Pa... Executive pay: Understanding t...

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Gemserv’s new reward strategy goes far beyond pay Over the past three years, Gemserv has carried out two major reviews of its...

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A vast collection of case studies, surveys and toolkits on contemporary reward issues – the findings from E-reward's ongoing research rpogramme launched in 2002

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Our monthly research reports are often proclaimed as 'the answers we've been looking for'. They provide high-quality information and advice in an easy-to-read format. Solutions and ready-to-apply techniques are always highlighted and, best of all, they're researched and written by the people you trust at E-reward.

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