Camelot uses fairness and transparency to boost creativity and growth

Camelot operates the National Lottery. It is a private company employing 950 employees in offices throughout the UK. After nearly not winning the second licence for the lottery, Camelot told e-reward that it was galvanised into action. Management undertook a strategic overhaul of many aspects of the business, with total reward being an important element in the move to align people with the organisation’s goals.
This resulted in:

  • the introduction of new market-driven arrangements
  • a six-band pay structure, with jobs evaluated using a classification
  • matrix covering stakeholder relations, communications, innovation, team work and knowledge.
  • new performance management arrangements based on goals set quarterly
  • a new recognition scheme to reward exceptional performance
  • changes to the bonus scheme to fund progression pay for high performers
  • improvements to benefits.

Camelot says it needs creativity and innovation from employees and growth. The company is confident that the new approach to reward and performance management, which focuses on "clarity and transparency", has achieved this aim. And employee satisfaction with the company has increased, as demonstrated by entry and then an improved position in The Sunday Times survey of "100 Best Companies to Work For", and better scores in Camelot's own staff survey.