Building Sales Compensation Formulas
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2-for-1 OFFER: Update your sales plans for the next fiscal year!

Two-half day virtual classrooms instructed by world-respected sales compensation expert – David Cichelli. Invite your sales compensation stakeholders to attend too! Now is the time to update your pay programmes to align with your go-to-customer strategies.

Live Zoom seminar: two sessions over two days

Date: 14th & 15th October 2020.
Location: Live stream via Zoom.
Duration: Wednesday-Thursday, two days, 1.00pm to 4.00pm (London UK).
Fees: £695.00 + VAT for first delegate, second delegate comes free.
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Need to update the sales compensation plan for your sellers? ‘Building Sales Compensation Formulas’ will provide you the answers you need. Hosted by E-reward, the course has been designed and developed by David Cichelli of the Alexander Group. David is the leading worldwide authority on sales compensation programme effectiveness.

Most companies review their sales compensation plans for the new fiscal year. Your company is changing its products and target customers. Customers are changing their buying practices. Ensure your pay programme and quota system aligns with your business objectives. Follow David’s proven method to design aligned and motivational sales pay programmes. If you want to craft a great sales compensation plan, follow the steps he will provide you in this course. Your sales team and company need a winning sales compensation programme.

Your instructor

We are delighted to announce David Cichelli as your instructor. Serious students of sales compensation benefit from David’s writings, speeches and classes. His clients excel in revenue performance. His best-selling book, Compensating the Sales Force, remains a core handbook for those working in sales rewards. Based in Arizona, David’s experience, knowledge and highly-practical insights into sales compensation shine through in his work.

David has had the pleasure to instruct thousands of students and support leading sales teams across the globe as they learn, develop and implement best-in-class sales compensation plans.

What you will learn

  • We begin with an overview of sales compensation drivers, types of sales jobs and sales compensation principles.
  • We provide a focus on the sales compensation challenges of small sales teams.
  • We look at formula types: what-works-when.
  • Formula engineering goes backstage to reveal how to calculate incentive pay-out rates. Finally, we provide examples of formula designs.


David’s world-renowned wisdom will help drive your sales growth objectives by creating best-in-class sales compensation programmes.

Follow the process David will provide to:

  • identify target compensation
  • set the pay mix
  • determine upside earnings potential
  • select and weight the right measures and configure the formula to reward sales objectives.

:: Ensure the plans are fiscally aligned.

:: Learn how to use and construct advanced formula methods such as hurdles, multipliers and matrices.

:: Finally, see seven illustrations of sample plan designs that follow best-in-class formula design methods.

Who should attend?

‘Building Sales Compensation Formulas’ is ideally suited for those who need to put sales compensation formulas together right now! Even leaders of small sales teams will benefit by this ‘get-to-the-answer’ course. Sales leaders, sales operations, finance, directors, general managers and finance staff will find applicable solutions.

Need a sales compensation formula? Take this class! Develop the right formula to reward sellers for focusing on the company’s important sales strategies.

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David Cichelli
David Cichelli
Revenue Growth Advisor, The Alexander Group


David is a recognised thought leader, author, speaker and instructor regarding sales-effectiveness challenges and solutions. He is a senior vice president of the Alexander Group, a revenue growth consulting firm. He contributes his knowledge and experience to a wide array of sales organisations and has worked with hundreds of these organisations to structure, manage and deploy winning sales functions. The Alexander Group’s Revenue Growth Model™, helps ensure and sustain alignment between customers and sellers.

David is internationally known for his strategic insights into the growth and evolution of sales entities as they serve expanding business unit ambitions in ever-challenging markets.

David is a frequent speaker on sales compensation topics. His audiences include corporate, industry associations, trade shows and those seeking continuing education. He is author of the best-selling book, Compensating the Sales Force, 3rd Edition published by McGraw Hill. David’s experience and knowledge in sales compensation shine through in this book. Often referred to as the 'must-have' book for those working in sales compensation, this publication offers industry analysis, thought leadership and practical tips.

His work as an instructor includes developing and teaching sales compensation courses for WorldatWork. David has also served on the faculty at the Merage Foundation at the University California, Irvine, and Columbia University.


Sales compensation drivers
  • Strategy and connections
  • Sales process, philosophy, growth and jobs
Two types of sales jobs
  • Producers versus sales representatives
  • Types and funding of incentive plans
Sales compensation principles
  • Eligibility, pay levels, pay mix and leverage
  • Measures, weights, mechanics and periods
  • Quotas, targets, crediting and special incentives
Small sales team challenges
  • Conditions
  • Investigate
Formula types
  • Producer plans
  • Commission formula plans
  • Bonus formula plans
  • Special designs, 2x and add-on plans
Formula engineering
  • Commission formula only plans
  • Commission formula & base pay and threshold
  • Bonus formula & base pay and threshold
Formula examples
  • Formula illustrations
Virtual classroom 14/10/2020 - 15/10/2020