Winsor review of police pay: part 2


Winsor review of police pay: part 2

Tom Winsor’s second and final report into pay and conditions for police officers was published on 15 March 2012. His wide-ranging review recommends significant changes to the way in which police pay and conditions are determined, including abolishing the Police Negotiating Board, establishing a pay review body for officers, and including the remuneration of chief officers in the Senior Salaries Review Body’s remit.

It makes recommendations that, if implemented, will “create a new pay structure that rewards officers and staff who do the hardest jobs and use specialist skills”.

Winsor has also made recommendations for entry to the service at the rank of superintendent and, for those with relevant policing experience overseas, at the rank of chief constable.


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On 1 October 2010 the Home Secretary Theresa May appointed Tom Winsor to lead the “most comprehensive review of police officer and staff pay and conditions in over 30 years, to improve service for the public and maximise value for money”.

May also appointed former West Midlands chief constable Sir Edward Crew, to act as the policing advisor to the review. Richard Disney, Professor of Labour Economics at Nottingham University, also assisted Winsor.

Winsor is a partner with city law firm White & Case, which he joined in July 2004 after five years as the UK's rail regulator and international rail regulator.

You can download parts 1 and 2 of the Winsor review in PDF format at