Pay and retention strategies in call centres


Pay and retention strategies in call centres

The sixth annual IRS study of reward and HR practices in call centres examines pay trends, salary levels and staff attrition, providing a wide range of valuable benchmarking data in the private and public sectors.

Three-quarters of the 153 employers surveyed operate an individual bonus scheme. Typically these bonuses are worth 6% of the pay bill. Team bonuses were far less widespread, reported by four in ten organisations, and were worth around 5% of the pay budget.

What you will find in this IRS report

Data has been collected from over 153 employers operating 349 call centres and analysed to reveal the principal employment trends and issues in the industry over the past year, including:


Salary trends and market rates for trainees, customer service representatives, team leaders, managers and support specialists. Regional and sectoral pay variations are also examined.

Pay reviews

Pay awards, the use and level of merit reviews, and trade union developments.

Incentives and premium payments

An overview of the range of incentives used by employers to reward staff and enhance performance.

Recruitment and retention

How centres are addressing staff turnover through attractive working environments, pay and conditions packages, career development and strategies to improve morale and motivation.

Flexible working

How centres are introducing innovative procedures to deal with the new right for certain parents to apply for flexible working.

Want to know more?

Title: Call Centres 2003: Reward and flexible working strategies, by IRS and the CCA Research Institute.

Methodology: Information was gathered by postal and email questionnaire.

Survey sample: The survey is based on information received form 153 organisations operating 349 call and contact centres nationwide, with a combined workforce of 111,659.

Business sectors: The sectors most strongly represented include: finance (31 of the 153 organisations surveyed) local government (24) and outsourcing (16).

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Posted 1 November 2003