Pay and conditions in call centres under the spotlight


Pay and conditions in call centres under the spotlight

Two separate reports have just been published providing some fascinating detail on contemporary reward and HR practices in call centres. These studies — undertaken by the pay research organisations Incomes Data Services and Industrial Relations Services — offer some invaluable benchmark information on pay and conditions in the rapidly-changing world of call-centre employment.

What you’ ll find in the report by Incomes Data Services

The latest in an annual series begun in 1997 provides a detailed analysis of salaries paid to call centre operators and team leaders in over 250 call centres run by some 120 companies. Plus case studies of employment arrangements in a variety of call centres.

The 150-page report also covers:

  • working hours and holidays, shift and overtime premiums

  • regional and sectoral developments

  • strategies used to improve recruitment and retention.

Title: Pay and conditions in call centres 2000.

Price: £ 90 to IDS Report subscribers (£ 150 non-subscribers).

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What you’ ll find in the report by Industrial Relations Services

Covering 82 organisations operating 223 call centres, the report provides benchmark information on annual salaries for customer service representatives, team leaders, managers, support specialists and trainees.

The report also covers:

  • working time and annual leave arrangements

  • a round-up of bonuses schemes

  • key health and safety issues.

Title: Call centres 2000: reward and HR strategies.

Price: £ 79.50

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