IDS casts doubt on plans to remove progression payments in the public sector


IDS casts doubt on plans to remove progression payments in the public sector

Government plans to end automatic salary progression in parts of the public sector have been called into question by pay specialists IDS.

Announcing his spending review last week, the Chancellor said: “Progression pay can at best be described as antiquated; at worst, it’s deeply unfair to other parts of the public sector who don’t get it and to the private sector who have to pay for it.”

But is George Osborne right about progression being somehow “antiquated”? “Not at all,” says IDS. “Progression pay remains common across the private sector,” it says.


What’s more, progression payments for most public sector staff have been judged to be “non-contractual” and there’s already scope for increments to be withheld and be subject to “knowledge and skills” assessments.

IDS concludes: “The challenge for the public sector will be to come up with adaptations to progression systems which benefit both employers and employees, are seen to be fair, and continue to support staff development rather than undermine it.”

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Title: “Chancellor targets progression pay again”, IDS eye, 27 June 2013

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