Free bike schemes . . . so long as employees use it

A new social enterprise has been launched with the aim of addressing UK workers’ inactivity and obesity. Free2cycle works with organisations, retailers, suppliers and non-cyclists to incentivise regular bike use. Unlike other employer-based schemes which rely on salary sacrifice to buy bikes, free2cycle provides users with a bike which they are not expected to pay for, so long as they pledge and commit to cycle at least 20 miles a week.

The cost of the bike is covered by the sponsoring organisation (usually the employer), which can use the scheme to drive employee engagement and to underpin wider workplace health objectives. Free2cycle calculates that its scheme leads to a 10:1 return on investment via increased productivity.

Eric Craig, founder of the enterprise, says:

‘For sponsoring organisations, it’s a win-win – healthier teams who are more energised and productive. Our solution incentivises people to not only take up cycling but to keep cycling, through a no cost entry and solutions to pain points, such as the option of no sweat cycling with e-bikes . . . We find organisations are getting involved for different reasons. For some, it’s health and wellbeing, for others, the environment or being more competitive as a result of a more creative, energised and fitter team; or the remainders who take a balanced view on the financials and realise that it’s a profitable thing to do.’