‘First-of-a-kind service’ for all workplace healthcare issues provides employers with integrated data and employee support

A new healthcare service has been developed to enable organisations to provide consistent treatment for their workforce, as well as the ability to understand how to reduce overall health spend by optimising financial value from all health provision.

Developed by Healthcare RM the service:

  • Provides a central hub with one point of contact, one team of multi-skilled case managers and one technology – to deal with every component of healthcare.
  • Supports employees ‘at every step’, integrating all benefits and services, including healthcare plan, cash plan, EAP, GIP, wellbeing initiatives and statutory requirements.
  • Revolves around an IT platform that provides a single record of each employee to ensure appropriate support or intervention. By combining all records together, the business can understand a complete and accurate picture of its actual health issues. The system also delivers a secure daily download of absence data.

Tim Barnes, Business Development Director of Healthcare RM, said:

‘We are able to analyse and interpret all key data to provide knowledge to our clients. It means that together we create the best future strategies, suitable for the organisation and the workforce. We’re able to show clients which activities are not working for their individual needs and which are, so that cost drivers, such as inefficient activities, can be adjusted accordingly.
‘Traditionally, employers have pieced together key issues and cost drivers from multiple providers. We believe our service solves that issue for employers for the first time. We can see all the actual health issues in a business, taking out any guess work or relying on hunches.’