Executive pay: Understanding the new regulations

Executive pay: Understanding the new regulations

E-reward.co.uk has commissioned Andrew Menhennet, Principal Consultant at Yellow Hat Limited, specialist reward and communications training consultancy, to analyse the raft of new regulations impacting executive remuneration arrangements. His report summarises the main recommendations contained in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) proposals, and traces back the key themes as they have evolved over the series of consultations and announcements that came before.

The report also looks at the essential elements of the other main initiatives in the area of executive pay:

  • The independent state-of-the-nation report on executive pay by the High Pay Commission.
  • The Kay Review’s assessment of the role played by incentivisation practices for company directors as part of its recently-published report on the UK equity markets.
  • Will Hutton’s review into promoting fair pay in the public sector.
  • Associated developments which are shaping the future of senior pay in the public sector in a parallel strand to the BIS proposals.

To download a summary of the report, click here [PDF]

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Title: "Executive Pay: Understanding the new regulations", eresearch 89, September 2012, published by e-reward.co.uk Ltd.

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