Employee share ownership moving up business agenda


Employee ownership moving up business agenda

Broad-based employee share schemes are widely credited with attracting the best recruits to fledgling internet start-ups. What's more they are believed to have played a key role in the USA's economic success over the past decade. So perhaps it should come as no surprise that they are attracting a great deal of attention at the moment. The current edition of the London-based magazine Human Resources examines the thinking behind the schemes.

The four-page report looks at the experience of a string businesses — including technology company FI Group, St Luke's, the advertising agency and PA Consulting — which do much to nurture the financial side of their relationships with employees by giving staff a direct stake in the success or otherwise of the business.

A second article in the current edition of Human Resources examines the role of human resources in mergers and take-overs. According to the four-page report, "HR is the secret weapon that can ensure things run smoothly".

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Title: "The motivational power of ownership", Human Resources, March 2000.

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