Draft equal pay code laid before parliament


Draft equal pay code laid before parliament

The Equal Opportunities Commission’ s draft Code of Practice on Equal Pay was laid before parliament on 8 July 2003 and it will come into effect on the 1 December 2003.

The code originally came into effect in 1997 and is admissible as evidence in employment tribunal proceedings. It is a quasi-statutory document employers are not obliged to follow its recommendations, but an employment tribunal may take account of any failure to do so.

At the heart of the revised code is the recommendation to employers that they carry out a regular equal pay review which it identifies as "the most appropriate method of ensuring that a pay system delivers equal pay free from sex bias". The code includes guidance on how to undertake such a review.

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To find out more visit the Equal Opportunities Commission’ s web site at www.eoc.org.uk or click here www.eoc.org.uk/cseng/legislation/law_code_of_practice_equal_pay.asp?SubDate=Friday+4+July%2C+2003

Posted 18 July 2003