Augmented reality features in benefits comms plans – Aon Employee Benefits

A third of employers questioned for research by Aon Employee Benefits say they plan to use augmented reality in benefits communication in future. Only 13% of organisations responded that technology such as virtual reality will not be used in their benefits communication or employee engagement activities.

  • Engaging employees remains the most important objective of an online or flexible benefits strategy, cited by 82% of organisations.
  • Providing employees with choice is also a priority as is aligning benefits with an employer value proposition – cited by 65% and 55% of organisations respectively.
  • Face-to-face communications and line manager cascading have fallen in popularity as communications channels, which the authors of the research suggest could be detrimental to employees’ understanding of their benefits.

Jerry Edmondson, Strategic Communications and Engagement Proposition Leader at Aon Employee Benefits, said:

‘Typically, the employee benefits world has lagged several years behind the marketing world in adopting new engagement technology. However, as employee expectations and technology evolves, we’re seeing artificial intelligence chatbots answering HR queries, personalised motion graphics on pension statements, user-generated content promoting flexible benefits platforms and augmented reality apps supporting total reward statements.’
‘Benefits and Trends Survey 2018’, Aon Employee Benefits: