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Evidence-based Reward Management: Creating measurable business impact from our pay and reward practices - 20/06/2011
Compensation Handbook: A state-of-the-art guide to compensation strategy and design (fiifth edition) - 17/12/2010
Employee Reward: Alternatives, consequences and contexts - 23/09/2009
Valuing Roles: How to establish relative worth - 01/02/2009
Rethinking Reward - 08/10/2008
Incentive Pay: Creating a competitive advantage - 17/04/2008
A Handbook of Employee Reward Management and Practice (2nd edition) - 09/10/2007
High-Performance Pay: Fast forward to business success - 25/06/2007
Incentives and Recognition Campaigns - 12/04/2007
Strategic Reward: Making it happen - 12/04/2007
Managing Performance: Performance Management in Action - 01/04/2006
Reward Management: A handbook of remuneration strategy and practice (5th edition) - 24/03/2006
Reward Management in Context - 01/04/2005
Becoming an Employer of Choice - 16/02/2005
Flexible Benefits - 20/05/2004
Appraisal and Feedback: Making performance review work - 20/05/2004
Employee Reward - 03/10/2001
Strategic Reward Systems - 03/10/2001
Blood, Sweat and Tears: The evolution of work - 03/10/2001
Reward Strategies: From intent to impact - 03/10/2001
Rewards that Drive High Performance: Success stories from leading organizations - 03/10/2001
Rewarding Teams: Lessons from the trenches - 03/10/2001
The Work-Life Manual - 19/04/2000
Rewarding Excellence - 19/04/2000
Pay People Right! - 19/04/2000
Paying for Contribution - 18/11/1999