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Major pension funds and investors urge rethink on boardroom pay - 07/02/2013
Uplift in pay awards in 2013: XpertHR - 28/01/2013
Remuneration committees set to restrain bonuses, but large drops in executive pay unlikely: PwC - 28/01/2013
Non-executive director pay remains static in most countries across Europe - 25/01/2013
Osborne plan to swap share for rights will create more red tape for business, says Law Society - 18/01/2013
Home Secretary backs overhaul of police pay and conditions - 16/01/2013
CIPD urges public sector to forge stronger link between pay and performance - 16/01/2013
Government to press ahead with performance pay for school teachers - 15/01/2013
Four-year real wage fall will cost average worker GBP 6,000 - 15/01/2013
Businesses urged to link executive rewards to long-term performance: High Pay Centre - 14/01/2013
Headteachers respond positively to plans for performance-related pay in schools - 14/01/2013
Commuter crunch strikes as soaring travel costs outstrip pay rises - 02/01/2013
Total reward statements: new NHS web site goes live - 02/01/2013
FSA failing to enforce new pay rules, says The Telegraph - 30/12/2012
First shoots of recovery for graduate recruitment, says XpertHR - 28/12/2012