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E-reward publishes case studies on evidence-based reward

A new report by e-reward examines the experiences of six diverse organisations and uncovers how they are wrestling with issues concerning the review, measurement and evaluation of reward systems.

The case studies all share a belief in the importance of assessing the effectiveness of their reward practices and all have initiated and now operate some kind of process.

What’s clear from our research is that effective reward management has to be evidence-based. Broadly speaking, the aim of evidence-based reward management is to improve the reward strategy formulation and implementation process, to ensure that rewards more effectively support the achievement of organisation goals and to provide for employee needs to be met. The process recognises that reward systems exist to add value but often don’t, and that it is essential to assemble and analyse the evidence available on how well they are functioning so that improvements can be made where necessary.

Evidence-based reward management gathers internal data on the impact and effectiveness of reward strategies and practices. This involves research, analysis, measurement, evaluation and, importantly, seeking the views of stakeholders. Externally, it carries out systematic benchmarking of good reward practices and analyses and makes use of the practical outcomes of reward research projects. Evidence-based reward management provides the information and impetus which makes an integrated approach to reward management effective.

Our report starts with an overview of the organisations we interviewed (section1), and continues with some of the direct pieces of practical advice provided by interviewees on how to avoid some of the stumbling blocks along the way (section 2). We then offer an analysis of ome of the broad themes to emerge from our discussions with the six HR and reward professionals (section 3). The case studies then follow.

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Title: "Evidence-based reward management: Case studies", eresearch 72, 27 April 2010, published by e-reward.co.uk Ltd.

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Date 23/06/2010

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